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Unique scanning system to control your butchery.Read More!
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Provide traceability and source verification for food safety in a meat cutting plant.Read More!
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Traceability from the Feedlot to the table.Read More!
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Control the processes in a meat processing plant.Read More!
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User defined Payslip and Payroll variables.Read More!
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POSRead More!

What We Do

Abaserve the standard in the food industry has been redesigned to give you an even better solution to control your business with a complete fresh look.
We analyzed every bit the way Abaserve functions and came up with a fresh product ready for the next 25 years. No matter what operating system you use we support it from Mac with Retina display to IoT (Internet of Things) running on Linux. You can use IoT devices for on floor capturing to create a virus free environment with a clean dedicated solution applied to the task on hand. Our Mobile Apps complement the new system so when you are on the move key information is there at your finger tips all the time.
When preset parameters are exceeded you will get warning messages to act as potential incidents might affect you profitability.

About Us

With an extended support team Abaserve is ready to plan a turn key solution for your business.