Abaserve reveals the exact flow from the feedlot to the product leaving your Plant by Controlled scanning and labeling. Abaserve has passed many European Union and Local audits' The Abaserve Software suit effectively monitors the product flow at all processing steps for Quality Management by labeling of products. It also includes logistics processes for delivering goods to customers and partners to prove the origin of the products.

Slaughter Module

Carcasses are received at the Abattoir in batches linked back to a specific Farmer or feedlot' The individual animal's ear tags linked to a unique serial number, a tag with the serial number is firmly attached by a bar lock to the carcass. All health related data is stored for every animal as well as the fifth quarter' Carcasses sold in the wholesale market are scanned to provide a complete time line for every carcass i.e. Slaughter time as well as dispatched time' Deboning Module

Deboning Module

Carcasses send to the deboning plant is scanned to give traceability back to their origin and data on time and date slaughtered as well as time received. In and output is reconciled. The deboned product is packed and labeled with the following information:

  • Description of Product
  • Product code
  • Barcode containing traceability information
  • Production date and time
  • TraceabilitY code / batch number
  • Origin and plant number
  • Sell by date

Again the product invoiced is scanned to give a detailed traceability record of every individual product.

Processing Module

All meat, spices and direct packing material are scanned into the processing plant by batch giving complete traceability and recall registers for every sausage or value added product.