Systems we Offer

Abattoir System

Abaserve presents SQL/Multi platform-based inventory control software, costing, sales and accounting package designed and coded from inception for your Abattoir. Abaserve users, large and small, are leaders in the Meat distribution industry.

Abaserve will increase your profit margins by providing accurate, up-to-the-minute, multi-cost inventory and customer information. It is robustly engineered specifically for the inventory control and accounting needs of the meat industry. So our software is able to manage:

  • Control your carcass weight losses
  • Multiple units of measure
  • Grading, Branding and Mass Group with accurate stock list by Serial Number or consolidated.
  • Gross profit calculations by period, supplier of brands
  • Delivery planning and control.

Abaserve Software offers total Traceability capabilities that help you meet the new mandates, along with those changes in consumer preferences, industry practices and rising.

Abaserve assures that the Carcasses preserve their unique identity and their traceability.

We have the ability to fully utilize the technologies that handle new bar codes and RFIDs to provide the best solutions from the feedlot to the abattoir. This includes the ability to use handheld PDAs to automatically verify that the correct products, brands, mass groups and quantities have been picked against each Customer order and that the routing is correct, while at the same time, storing and tracking the originating Farmer information with each Carcass sold or deboned.

Our programs have helped make traceability and track ability far more widely available than ever – it's not simply for the largest food distributors any more. Abaserve meets and exceeds government regulations for easy tracing, and enables inventory tracking to and from each originating Supplier and end-user, thus ensuring your compliance with the modern Traceability requirements.

Abaserve Software is state-of-the-art traceability, backwards and forwards.

More Features:

  • Batch Control with Supplier, Origin, Brand and breed.
  • Live mass control with RFID or Ear tag capturing for traceability back to the feedlot with automatic interface to feedlot.
  • Carcass Properties captured Mass, Grade, Conformation, Brand, Mass Group and any damages or sick codes.
  • Carcass recorded with unique serial number and barcode for identification by the next process or customer for complete identification and traceability.
  • Settlement statements based on price list matrix with bonus system from brands and penalties for bruising and measles.
  • Fifth quarter capturing or calculation on standards.
  • Packing module to pack and label offal.
  • Gross profit and traceability reports by batch or period based or purchase or sales period.
  • Stock and Stock aging reports by grade, brand and mass group.

Deboning System

Carcasses send to the deboning plant is scanned to give traceability back to their origin and data on time and date slaughtered as well as time received. In and output is reconciled. The deboned product is packed and labeled with the following information:

  • Description of Product
  • Product code
  • Barcode containing traceability information
  • Production date and time
  • TraceabilitY code / batch number
  • Origin and plant number
  • Sell by date

Again the product invoiced is scanned to give a detailed traceability record of every individual product.

Point Of Sale

  • Labeling with retail scales allow fast Point of sale transactions.
  • Retail scales integrate with Abaserve prices are automatically updated.
  • Automatic drawer and slip printer integration.
  • Stock Control on unit and mass.
  • Control Cutting sheets and Processing Bill of materials.
  • Reports.
  • Daily sales.
  • Number of transactions to get sales trends.
  • Best performing products.
  • Integrates into the Abaserve system as above.


All meat, spices and direct packing material are scanned into the processing plant by batch giving complete traceability and recall registers for every sausage or value added product. Examples of the information captured are presented below:

  • Description of Product
  • Product code
  • Barcode containing traceability information
  • Production date and time
  • Traceability code / batch number
  • Origin and plant number
  • Sell by date

Again the product invoiced is scanned to give a detailed traceability record of every individual product.


  • Weigh bridge Receiving for weight control
  • Batch Control Identifying Supplier, Origin, Buyer / Agent
  • Settlement Statement to determine accurate purchase Cost.
  • Process on arrival with unique Eartag or RFID and receiving mass, Individual Vaccine program and cost per animal recorded.
  • Control weights determining ADG (Average daily gain) to identifying non-performers on a continuous basis.
  • Feeding cost and management of ailments with cost and frequency reports.
  • Gross profit analysis per batch and animal once shipped to Abattoir.
  • Abattoir data integrate to feedlot data.


Abaserve is a fully integrated Accounting System so all transactions is captured only once.

Automated bank reconciliation.

Multiple Currencies.

Multiple Vat Rates, in the event of a vat rate change simply change the Vat rates affected; remember to create new Codes for previous Rates to take care of outstanding supplier invoices and Credit Notes.

Financial Statements and Budgets.

Dashboards allow you to make fact based decisions in real time.

We are third party developers at Sage; therefore we are allowed to directly import data into their systems. No need to export a file first and then import the file. We use the SDKs to import. Some of the accounting packages we integrate with: Sage Evolution, Pastel Partner, Accpac, and Xero.


Integrated payroll solutions.